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Barney Fletcher logoWhy Choose Barney Fletcher Schools Over Real Estate Express?

Barney Fletcher School delivers the best experience for real estate education in Georgia, for the best price. Real Estate Express doesn’t compare to the experience that Barney Fletcher Schools provides.

Barney Fletcher is Georgia’s original real estate school, and the gold standard in real estate education. Barney Fletcher boasts more than 40 years of experience, and has curated and tested its curriculum over this time. We are also based ONLY in Georgia, so everything we do is specific to the Georgia real estate market. Our national competitors, like Real Estate Express, cannot say the same. In fact, Real Estate Express only offers online courses because they’re not based in Georgia. Barney Fletcher students are educated by Georgia based professionals who specialize in Georgia Real Estate.

Barney Fletcher offers flexibility through its variety of course formats– providing options for online self-paced learning and live webinar, along with in-person courses available in six Georgia locations—with more locations coming soon!

We provide true value. As detailed below, our exam prep tools are far superior to Real Estate Express. Best of all, Barney Fletcher’s exam prep tools (a 1,300 question exam simulator, online flashcards, on demand videos for review, and more) are included for FREE with the price of every pre-license course. Real Estate Express charges a premium fee for its exam prep tools, which simply don’t match up to the tools available from Barney Fletcher Schools.


checkmarkIn-Person Classes, Live Webinar, and Online Self-Paced Options

We have the most comprehensive options for pre-license classes that fit your schedule and lifestyle. While many of our competitors, including Real Estate Express, only offer online self-paced courses or live webinars, Barney Fletcher offers more choices. We have live classes throughout the Atlanta area, with more options coming soon for the rest of the state. Additionally, if you sign up for one format of a course and decide it’s not for you, we offer the ability to change to a different version during the course. We are committed to helping you pass the Georgia real estate exam, in whichever learning style or format works best for you. .


checkmarkFree Statewide Exam Prep Classes

Barney Fletcher Schools offers statewide live exam prep classes taught by real estate professionals. Our exam preparation classes provide a detailed review of the most important topics needed to pass the statewide exam. This 12 hour class is included in the price of each pre-license course. Finding a location is easy, with over 50 locations available within the state. The added benefit of receiving instruction from Georgia real estate professionals can provide a support system, and can be a helpful networking opportunity for anyone who wants to be successful in the Georgia real estate market. (A $90 value included FREE with tuition)


checkmarkFree On Demand Video Review

Barney Fletcher’s “Learning Through Questions” prep tool presents simulated exam questions in on-demand video format. Stop the video to answer the questions, and then review an instructor’s explanation of the answer and how to solve the problem. This prep tool also includes exam-taking tips and a section of real estate math questions. It’s available to watch at any time, and as often as you’d like in preparation for the licensing exam. Real Estate Express doesn’t provide the detail, flexibility, and insight we bring to you in this on-demand video format. (A $90 value included FREE with tuition).


checkmarkFree 1,300 Question Exam Simulator

None of our competitors, including Real Estate Express, have a practice exam as elaborate as Barney Fletcher. With over 1,300 questions available, and no limit to how often you can take it, our practice exams will get you ready for the Georgia real estate exam—no exam is ever generated the same way twice! Our exam provides detailed explanations for questions answered incorrectly. Real Estate Express offers an exam simulator, but charges a premium price for it. Ours is included FREE with every pre-licensing course. (A $99 value included FREE with tuition)


checkmarkFree Online Real Estate Flashcards

Utilizing 500 of the most common terms and phrases in real estate terminology, Barney Fletcher has developed online “flashcards” for studying. This tool will test your knowledge of these key words and phrases. (A $49 value included FREE with tuition)


Real Estate Express is not specialized for the Georgia real estate market, and they don’t have the superior instruction of Barney Fletcher. Additionally, Real Estate Express doesn’t offer best-in-class exam prep tools for FREE as a part of the course curriculum.


Looking for the best start to your real estate career in Georgia? Find the best course option for your lifestyle here, with Georgia’s best real estate school, Barney Fletcher.

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