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Real Estate
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Commercial Real Estate Economics, Marketing, Contracts, and Investment Risks
This course will introduce the basic principles of financing real estate investments and the potential risks involved. Key terms are defined throughout the course along with a glossary at the end that can be used to enhance the learner’s understanding of the information presented. This course is intended to broaden a practicing real estate licensee’s knowledge of contracts and financing of commercial real estate properties. It will provide specific information about the economy and how supply and demand are at the core of all trends seen in the real estate industry. This course will further explore methods of marketing and provide tips for acquiring successful listings. The advantages and disadvantages of real estate investments will also be discussed. Legal documents including contracts, deeds and leases will be explored with sample documents that can be utilized as a guide for educational purposes. Finally, calculations of key financial data are included along with a list of available resources related to the course topic This course is not meant to provide legal or professional advice. Attempts have been made to give the most current and accurate information available at the time the course was written. Some terms may be slightly different in various markets, but the meanings are still the same. There is a glossary to assist the licensee in defining unfamiliar terms. The licensee that completes this course will have a basic knowledge about the financing of commercial real estate properties and legal documents needed. He or she can also use this educational module as a reference while conducting future business in commercial real estate transactions.
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