Real Estate Get a License Online Self-Paced Course for Georgia.

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In-Person Training"A House's Story" is a live class taught by local brokers at different locations throughout the state. You get 12 hours of live instruction covering the most important topics on the state licensing exam. This includes a comprehensive presentation using real-life examples and also gives you the opportunity to meet other brokers and agents in your area.

Learning Through QuestionsOn-demand video designed to further prepare you for the Georgia real estate exam. Presents exam-type questions, allows you to stop the video and answer the question, then provides an instructor’s explanation of the answer and how to solve the question. Also presents tips on how to take the state real estate exam and answer exam questions. Includes an entire section on real estate math questions.

TestPrep Online Exam SimulatorTake practice exams or study over 1,300 practice questions by category. No limit to how often you can take a practice exam. And the same exam is never generated twice. Helps you prepare for the Georgia real estate exam by providing explanations for the questions answered incorrectly and evaluating your knowledge in each exam category.

Online Real Estate Flashcards500 of the most common real estate terms and phrases presented in an online flashcard format. Use this tool to test your knowledge and learn the terminology of real estate.

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Interactive Online Courses.

Pre-licensing - Salesperson
Principles of Real Estate - Georgia Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course
Course must be completed within one year of purchase

Please Note: Students are required to pass a school exam upon completion of their coursework. Exams will be taken online with a chosen disinterested 3rd party proctor who is to be present at the time of testing and must be approved by the school.

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