Real Estate Get a License Online Self-Paced Courses for Georgia.

  • GREC Approved 75-Hour Online Course
    • Whiteboard Animation Videos 
    - Simulates live classroom setting in an easy-to-understand format.
    • Chapter Quizzes with Explanations Randomly generated so each quiz is unique, reinforces learning objectives.
    • Message Board Moderated full time by course author.
    • Hover-over Glossary 
    Definitions displayed when holding mouse over key words.

  • At checkout upgrade any salesperson prelicensing course with Success Through Learning!

    For $225 INCLUDES:
    • 16hrs live coaching with local brokers
    • TestPrep online exam simulator
    • Online flashcards
    • "Learning Through Questions," - on-demand video using sample questions to review concepts
    • Principles of Real Estate textbook

Interactive Online Courses.

Prelicensing - Salesperson
Principles of Real Estate - Georgia Salesperson Pre-Licensing Course
Course must be completed within one year of purchase
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